I want to live there just a few months

I want to live there just a few months

Coming to Trevelin as a digital nomad is an excellent idea. Depending on what kind of life you want to have in Trevelin it is advisable to come in warm or cold months.

If you are looking for peace in the shelter of a warm space, perhaps a salamander burning some logs, winter would be best, of course. Also to have nearby for skiing or sledding in childhood style the options are La Hoya for skiing and/or Sierra Colorada for sledding and why not a horseback ride through the snow. Both places are less than 40 km. away.

In summer the options multiply.

The important thing is to have internet connection by fiber optic or by air (more unstable). In case there is no fiber available it is not a bad idea to contract two internet connections by air (Globalnet and Next). Although internet connections are expensive compared to big cities, the reality is that the two connections cost USD 20/month and since your work is remote the investment is justified.

The two internet providers in Trevelin are contracted on a monthly basis, that is, there is no annual contract you have to sign. The only issue is to do it as soon as you arrive because it can take from 4 days to a month to get internet where you are.

Surely you made sure that the place where you are going to rent has internet, but don’t think that it will be good quality. In Trevelin everything is handled very off-line, the quality of the internet link is not something of importance for most people who visit Trevelin, so the owners don’t give it much thought, you will only find out when you are here.

The rental options can be:

  • temporary tourist type (a bit expensive, but it can be justified)
  • semi-permanent (6 or 9 months).

If you need help in finding places with these characteristics, let us know.

I want to live there just a few months