Internet connection in Trevelin


In Trevelin there are two main internet providers: Next and Global Net (which is not the one from Zárate, in Buenos Aires). Both give a similar service, up to 8Mbps works fine, more than that may not always work unless you are inside Global Net’s fiber line, because that company (unlike Next) is from Trevelin, Next is from Esquel and their line is over the air.

My experience is that Next is more professional than Global Net from an installation, administration and support point of view, but from a service point of view (being over the air) both are “acceptable”. It really depends on where exactly you have the connection, if it has good coverage you’re set, but it’s a different story if you don’t, and there’s no way of knowing until you’re there.

There are also the satellite providers, including Starlink, which theoretically has coverage in the country, what I don’t know is how the service is contracted.

Currently the ideal is to have Global Net over fiber.