Real estate in Trevelin


In Trevelin there are several real estate agencies, they are all really very friendly, they don’t usually compete a lot with each other because it is not common for an owner to have her property in several real estate agencies at the same time. There are more real estate agencies in Esquel and they tend to have a lot of Trevelin properties in their portfolio.

The real estate agencies have a penchant for working with certain types of properties, for example fields, “rentals”, lots. We personally interacted with Wyn (Martin the owner, a great guy, he showed us everything, his son also works with him in the real estate agency, a genius too) and with Valle Creciente, with whom we were able to close a deal, Ariana is super friendly and super expeditious.

I recommend visiting them in advance and always remember that they have a split schedule (they close at noon/siesta and open again). If you have a good chat you find out a lot of important things, like the services that piece of land has services (water, electricity, gas supply), if it floods during May/June, what are the things you can or cannot do in the property (cutting down trees for instance). Don’t buy anything remotely, or without having someone that you trust that is personally here.

The things they publish on their sites may or may not be updated, the best thing is always to visit each studio and see first hand the offer, there really is a lot of supply so obviously you have to choose well because selling is more complicated than buying.