Cost of living in Argentina


Argentina is a country that has inflation, much or little depending on the political moment, but it always has inflation, and it is a problem for all of us who live in this country, things change in price in a regular and ascending way.

It is less serious for those who receive income from abroad, because like inflation, the value of foreign currency also rises regularly and upwards (faster, slower, but always upwards).

The only time when the country was extremely expensive for locals and foreigners was during the “convertibility”, which was a neoliberal policy that lasted several years and -unfortunately- brought a lot of bad economic consequences (mainly, but also social, of course), very bad for the majority.

Argentina is generally a cheap country for foreigners, there are times when it is not, but it is usually cheap. I recommend checking the internet for updated information.

There are many stories of people who moved to Argentina and live from renting a property abroad, that is, without working, only from the rent that the property produces. Of course, it all depends on the lifestyle one prefers to have, of course.

Working remotely and being paid in foreign currency stabilizes the economy of any person living in Argentina. There will be times when the money yields more and other times when it yields less, but that variability will not be very high if you work remotely and get paid in foreign currency.

Argentina is a country that has a lot of its own industry, so there is a lot of local and cheap product that can be purchased. This allows buying things like food, cars, appliances of all kinds to be cheap, the more complex things that involve technology (computers, cell phones, etc.) are usually imported and therefore more expensive.

If one manages to remain outside the economic movement of the country is the ideal scenario, because the country offers many benefits in quality of life, many, few social restrictions, a culture very open to diversity, to foreigners, a generalized medium-high academic level, much creativity in general and a very beautiful territory which in turn presents numerous opportunities of all kinds.