Trevelin Confirms Continued SENASA Services, Ensuring Food Safety and Community Well-being


The Secretariat of Production of Trevelin has confirmed the continuation of services provided by the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality (SENASA) in the locality. This news not only reinforces Trevelin’s commitment to health and food safety but also highlights the advantages of living in this beautiful place.

In Trevelin, they pride themselves on providing residents with access to high-quality services. The continued presence of SENASA ensures that local food meets the highest standards of safety and quality. This means that both residents and visitors can enjoy local agricultural and livestock products with complete confidence.

Moreover, the continuity of SENASA services in Trevelin underscores the locality’s commitment to sustainable development and the well-being of its community. By ensuring the health of its plants and animals, Trevelin is protecting its beautiful natural environment for future generations.

Trevelin is a place where quality of life and food safety are priorities. The constant presence of SENASA is further proof of the locality’s commitment to the well-being of its community and sustainable development.