Economic Development in Trevelin: Rapa Nui’s Strategic Investment


The renowned chocolate brand Rapa Nui has announced its investment in the picturesque town of Trevelin, located in the province of Chubut, Argentina. The company plans to acquire 300 hectares of land, of which it has already purchased 140. These hectares will be used for the cultivation of raspberries, a strategic decision that aims to take advantage of the region’s climate and fertile soil. Additionally, Rapa Nui plans to build a frozen food plant on site, which will create more than 100 jobs for the local community.

This project represents a significant opportunity for economic development and job creation in Trevelin. The local residents eagerly anticipate the arrival of this investment, which promises to boost agricultural production and the food industry in the region.

Trevelin, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, is becoming an attractive destination for investments. Its temperate climate and fertile lands make it ideal for agriculture, while its strategic location in Patagonia offers access to national and international markets. Moreover, the town boasts a developing infrastructure, including road connections and public services, which facilitate the implementation of new projects.

Local authorities are committed to fostering a favorable environment for investors, offering tax incentives and supporting the development of projects that promote sustainable economic growth. The focus on agriculture and food production also aligns with global trends toward sustainability and the consumption of fresh, local products.

Rapa Nui’s investment in Trevelin will not only benefit the local community through job creation and infrastructure development but also position the region as a hub for high-quality agricultural production. This initiative can attract other investors interested in leveraging the opportunities that Trevelin offers, diversifying the local economy, and strengthening the business fabric of the area.

In summary, Rapa Nui’s investment in Trevelin is an example of how companies can find opportunities in regions with high agricultural and strategic potential. The combination of an investment-friendly environment, support from local authorities, and the region’s natural resources make Trevelin an ideal destination for new projects looking to grow and thrive in the Argentine market and beyond.