Trevelin Thrives on Tourism: Fishing and Tulips Attract Visitors


Amid the stunning natural beauty of Patagonia, the town of Trevelin continues to successfully turn the wheel of tourism. Despite challenges, tourism occupancy in the second half of January reached a notable 67%, demonstrating the ongoing allure of this charming destination.

The fishing season is one of the main attractions keeping the tourism wheel in motion. Officials from the Directorate of Continental Fishing and the mayor of Trevelin have been analyzing the development of the fishing season, seeking ways to improve and expand this offering for visitors.

But it’s not all about fishing in Trevelin. In October, the town is adorned with colors during the tulip preseason, a natural spectacle that attracts visitors from around the world. The blooming tulip fields offer an impressive sight and a unique experience, adding another layer to Trevelin’s rich tourism offerings.

Thus, Trevelin continues to demonstrate its ability to attract and retain tourists, whether with the excitement of the fishing season or the serene beauty of blooming tulips. The tourism wheel undoubtedly keeps turning for Trevelin.