Opportunities in Trevelin


In Trevelin, as in most places, there are opportunities. As always the issue is to find them, in principle what we see is that there are very few people with knowledge of technology. The truth is that the technological movement of the platforms is very dynamic, half vertiginous and also changes very quickly.

Everything related to real estate is something that can be worked on a lot. From being co-host of AirBnB (there is a lot of offerings of cabins for daily rent) to adding with the publication of lots to sell through Instagram. When you come from other places you see things through different eyes, seeing opportunities is not difficult with that lens. Trevelin doesn’t stop being a town and people who have lived there for a long time logically don’t know the offering of things in other more populous places, so aggiorning or publishing things locally that are attractive to people from other places can be something interesting.

The same with growing things that work in other places and maybe in Trevelin/Esquel are not so well known, if you like to grow things it can be interesting to explore these options.

Also, if you have capital, nowadays there is a lot of real estate available, which makes prices attractive, buying something may not be so expensive today, but evidently the town is going to grow a lot, you can see the growth (everybody is building) so buying something and waiting 5 or 10 years to sell can be a great opportunity.